Be a Hero for a Hero’s Ski Diving Event



The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors is putting together some of our most grievously injured Warriors, with the best front line combat medics on the planet who saved the lives of so many gravely wounded for this once in a lifetime event will be a truly powerful experience.

We will be rallying up in North Carolina to get amputees wounded in combat, along with hardcore Special Operations medics from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment “Night Stalkers”,  Air Force Pararescuemen, Army Special Forces and others units in the air at 13,500 feet to experience nearly a minute of freefall at approximately 120 miles per hour.  This has been and will be a life changing experience.

The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors is proud to be working with the amazing All Veteran Parachute Team, lead by the legendary Mike Elliot, along with the spectacular Black Daggers, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command skydiving demonstration team, to host an amazing event for some truly Exceptional Warriors.

The All Veterans Parachute Team is comprised entirely of Veterans and does spectacular demonstration jumps and gives back to the Veteran community through events like this. Mike Elliot is a former Golden Knight, best known for being the tandem for President George H.W. Bush on his birthday skydives.

The Black Daggers are the skydiving demonstration team for USASOC, the United States Army Special Operations Command. They perform freefall and canopy piloting demonstrations around the world showcasing the skills and capabilities of Army Special Operations forces.

The FEW needs support for this event to help cover the costs of the travel and lodging  for these Exceptional Warriors. We also need your support to provide future events like this for those who have sacrificed so much, because how do you say no to Heroes?

If you can’t donate today, please share our mission so that we can reach more Exceptional Warriors. If you are an Exceptional Warrior come join us on an event. Look us up on Facebook or at

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