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Helping those who have Served Together – Heal Together

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Proactively serving those who epitomize Honor, Valor, Sacrifice and Service

Using Adventure to Unite Peers

In 2018 we put over 400 Warriors in the Field from ages 90 to 3!

Exceptional Warriors are the first priority of The FEW



Our Mission

To provide cost-free adventure based opportunities to our Nation’s Exceptional Warriors. Serve Together – Heal Together.


The FEW’s Impact

In 2018 we put over 400 Exceptional Warriors in the field throughout the United States, Canada, Africa and New Zealand, using adventure to unite peers and promote healing at no cost to the Veterans.

Your donations make this possible.  Our overhead is less than 3%.  Almost 100% of your donations go  directly to supporting outdoor therapeutic adventures.  Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has recognized The FEW as meeting the highest standards of public accountability and program effectiveness.

All across the Country our Exceptional Warriors who have Served Together – Heal Together.

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Amputee Jump with the All Veteran Parachute Team

The Amputee Jump in NC with Exceptional Warrior Michael Trost and 3 other Veterans was a glorious success.  The FEW was honored to team up once again with the All Veteran Parachute TeamSkydive Paraclete XP, and Byrd’s Eye Studio to provide Exceptional Warriors Michael Trost a free-fall skydiving experience.

Watch the Video

Off-shore Fishing Tournament in NC

Special thanks also to the crew of the Braggin’ Rights. Captain John put us right on the fish even through the rough weather, and First Mate Ron worked very hard to keep us cranking them into the boat. Without them, this event would not have been possible.  


Montana Buffalo Hunt

Joe Buffalo, the lead rider of our 15-man hunting party, turns a corner on the trail and his horse sinks belly-deep into a snowdrift. The horse panics for a split second and tries to back up, but Joe kicks hard, growling something fierce at the gelding under his breath, forcing it forward into the drift.