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The vision of The FEW is to Reach, Recognize and Refresh Exceptional Warriors through the utilization of therapeutic recreational and sporting events.

Why the FEW?

After more than a decade of sustained conflict and multiple deployments, we now have entire generations of service members, veterans and military families who know nothing but War and that War comes home with them. Statistics show more veterans are dying from suicide, 18-22 per day, than in combat operations.

The FEW We Serve

The Foundation defines “Exceptional Warriors” as the “operators” within the Special Operation Forces community, those heroes recognized by the DOD for valorous actions, and the warriors that have been combat wounded. As General Patreus said: “They walk the point for our Nation.”

We Are The FEW

Founded by the same men it serves, the mission of the FEW is to conscientiously impact the most under-served of all military communities: the SOF Operators, the Valorous and the Combat Wounded. We work alongside local communities, businesses and organizations to save veteran's lives.

Exceptional Warriors are located at:

PO Box 356 Bixby, OK 74008 501 (c)3 EIN – 46-1858815

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  • Your group 'The Few' is really First Class and it brings back the military in a non-military, informal and fun way. Get a group of vets together and let them work together putting out decoys, prepping the area, doing all those things that are needed to get in play for a successful hunt and at the end of the event, the vets leave as old friends.
    Charles Scott, MSG Retired, US Army
  • Being able to take part in events with the FEW has not only helped out by getting me out of the house but has increased my self-reliance and self-esteem. I had become pretty solitary due to some of the issues I have from the PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Being able to get out and spend time with other veterans that share similar experiences as your own makes life easier. Just being able to sit around a campfire with other veterans and share life stories was very therapeutic.
    Mike, US Navy, Wounded Warrior
  • "Through Ronny and this program, I get extended moments of rest, and I feel human again. How many more people can be helped? I don't know, but, I want to get involved and help where I can.  I now have a new mission thanks to the Foundation for Exceptional Warriors. My life feels almost whole again and my wife loves the new me."  
    Frank J. Casson, Sgt USAR; Mosul, Iraq; 2003-2004
  • "When we leave the military, we leave our unit and we lose our mission. A tight nit group of buddies, keeping each others' BACKS. What I saw and found by participating with The FEW was a new form of unit camaraderie. At the end of the event, I found it hard to leave. I am so grateful for an organization like The FEW. If the Foundation helped me, I know it can and will help others. I now want to give back to my fellow veterans as well. I actually feel alive again. It’s been 10 long hard years since I went to war, it has been with me every day since."
    Frank J. Casson, Sgt USAR