Bowfishing and Forging with The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors

Our Founder, Ronny Sweger,  was captured in an impromptu interview during the 2018 “Bowfishing and Forging” event by Bowfishing TV. Bowfishing TV was a dynamic partner in this event. More thanks than The FEW can list are involved in this unique Oklahoma event.

Thanks; Muddy Arrow Bowfishing Guide Service Holly Mariconda Angel House on Grand John Hill Tyler Ridgway Brad Davis Brent MontgomeryKyle Layer


In 2017 The FEW put over 400 Exceptional Warriors in the field in more than 20 States, using adventure to unite peers and promote healing at no cost to the Veteran.

Your donations make this possible.  Our overhead is less than 3%.  Almost 100% of your donations go  directly to supporting outdoor therapeutic activities.  Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has recognized The FEW as meeting the highest standards of public accountability and program effectiveness.

Testimonial – 

“A heartfelt thank you is in order for the Foundation for Exceptional Warriors, Phillip Rivenbark, Snake Pond Hunting Club, and John Sackett (SgtMaj USMC Ret.) for a weekend I will not forget. The gracious contributions from the aforementioned brought strangers together with an uncommon bond to duty, service, and sacrifice. After a hand shake and greeting we were strangers no more. An immediate bond was formed among all as conversation and dialogue conducive to health, welfare, and healing carried on throughout the weekend. I am thankful for those lasting friends I have made this past weekend. I recommend warriors that have answered the call and served the Nation to come out and attend a Foundation for Exceptional Warriors event.”

Break – Thank You John Sackett, you are a true friend and mentor. Semper Fi!