Founders Note:

9/11 and our founder Ronny SwegerMy life and many others were changed on this day many years ago. I was in Special Forces Sniper class breathless as we watched the Towers get hit. Moments later our Senior Instructor, a proved combat leader, told us to get to our Team rooms and get prepared. Weeks later we were headed overseas, not to Afghanistan but elsewhere. We returned home to quickly refit and then flew into the into Afghanistan. The Teams and I returned time and time again to there, Iraq and other countries, always leaning forward either preparing or engaged in combat. My tours ultimately lead to my medical retirement which now allows me to volunteer full-time to lead The FEW in order to change and save lives.

The picture below is when the Team weas build a Firebase at Orgun – E. This went from housing a Team of 11 to thousands over the years.

Sound off if you’ve been to Orgun-E, Afghanistan!

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