7th Annual Trails End Sanctuary Warrior Dove Hunt

7th Annual Trails End Sanctuary Warrior Dove Hunt


Another successful event is in the books! The 7th Annual Warrior Weekend has come and gone. It was great to see several familiar faces along with several new ones. Approximately 40 veterans in attendance many of which were volunteers. Among those were roughly 20 Purple Heart recipients.




We had numerous volunteers and sponsors that help make this event a success. Over 20 cases of skeet and 30+ cases of ammo were shot. We harvested a bull elk, two rams and over 200 dove.




After an eventful day on Saturday everyone enjoyed a huge selection of delicious cuisine for dinner. Many items were given away to the veterans. (Shot guns, fishing equipment, coolers, gift cards etc.) And we even had a surprise birthday cake to complete the evening.


We define “Exceptional Warriors” as every era of Special Operations, others recognized with awards for Valor, former Prisoners of War, and Purple Heart recipients. While many of these Exceptional Warriors believe that other Warfighters are more deserving, we believe that you are deserving too, so come join the fun. 

Slots can fill up quickly so we encourage you to apply now. We can only support those with an application on file. Encourage every Exceptional Warrior you know to apply and subscribe to our events page. If you are an Exceptional Warrior interested in attending this or any future event with The FEW, please fill out our application at http://www.exceptionalwarriors.org/participant-application…/ If you already have an application on file and would like to attend, contact admin@exceptionalwarriors.org. You will be notified if selected to attend.

The FEW would like everyone reading this to share it with the Veterans and Patriots in their life to better reach potential attendees and sponsors. Yes, it takes sponsors to make events happen, and some sponsors may attend the event.

Support for our adventures to help cover the costs of lodging and travel for these Exceptional Warriors would be appreciated beyond measure. We need your support to provide events like this for those who have sacrificed so much. If you would like to donate and change the life of an Exceptional Warrior go to http://www.exceptionalwarriors.org/ways-to-donate/