Testimonials From Our Exceptional Warriors

Hey guys, attending  the Foundation for Exceptional Warriors’ Managed hunt this past weekend with Tom L. was the most rewarding hunt I have ever experienced. Your staff and all the volunteers that helped with this event made all of the hunt participants feel appreciated beyond what I ever thought could be possible. The outpouring of support that was shown from all that were involved was very moving. It was very evident that all of the volunteers, hunter assistants, staff were all on board to making this event special to all of the participants. I know that hosting and coordinating an event like this took maximum effort from you and your department as well as the sponsors. Enough thanks could never be conveyed to let you know how much this hunt was appreciated. Great Job!!!

Bless you both for the work that you do!



Exceptional Warriors

I had the honor and pleasure of attending the dove hunt at Trails End Sanctuary with the F.E.W Sept.2-3 2017. It was a wonderful experience. I felt very fortunate to spend time with all the volunteers that did everything they could to make sure we were having a great time.

The Event was exactly what I needed to give my morale a real boost. Being there with the other warriors and feeling that camaraderie was something I needed and did not even realize. It has given me something to look back on when I have a rough moment. Memories I will always look back and smile about. I can’t speak highly enough about the volunteers, owners of Trails End, and the great people and warriors that are with the Foundation For Exceptional Warriors. Thank you all so very much.

Mike Sturgill

Dove Hunt September 2017

I just came home from the 6th annual Trails end dove hunt. All I can say is WOW. The people, the warriors, everything about this event is life changing . I was so fortunate to be invited, and I am blessed that I went. Being together with fellow veterans,and a community that cares is life affirming. I can’t say enough positive about the FEW; more importantly I don’t know howto say “THANK YOU”. If you can donate please do, if you are a veteran, please fill out the application, if you can do anything to help, please do. Thank You, FEW, Ronnie Sweger,Rusty and Sheri, and any and all who helped make this event happen. I also want to thank all the veterans that attended. I needed you, and all of you in your own way helped me. Forever Grateful.

Frank Casson

Dove Hunt September 2017

Eufaula hunt 22-24 Nov 2014 

“Tomas and I were given the privilege, of taking two Warriors on a deer hunt in Eufaula, Oklahoma on the Canadian river ranch hosted by Team Whack Master.  Our host David Woodruff and his team were very receptive to us and the Veterans who came on the hunt.   The food and hospitality were great. You could tell a lot of effort was put forward by this organization to ensure our Warfighters were well fed and comfortable. Our host Woody had set up live entertainment performed by the extremely talented Alan Pitts for just a handful of people.  There was also a lot of work done by Woody and his team to the hunting sights to ensure comfort and successful hunt. 

Unfortunately due an entire day thunderstorms Saturday’s hunt did not go as planned, and the Sunday morning hunt would be much of the same.  Woody was really determined to make sure our warriors had a successful hunt, so on a whim Sunday morning in the deer blind he decided to fold up camp in Eufaula and take the warriors and Tomas and I to his family farm.  It turned out that driving to his farm was a good decision one of the Warriors got a deer that evening.  Back at the Deer camp, Woody extended an invitation for us to stay the night at the deer camp and hunt the following morning.  We graciously accepted.   The following morning hunt was also a success with one deer down and a coyote.  We would like to thank Team Whack Master Productions for being more than accommodating and for their support of our Nation’s Heroes and The FEW.”


Glen Girone

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend the whitewater rafting trip with The FEW.  The trip was an extremely relaxing, five-mile trip, in Western North Carolina, allowing me to be able to get away from the stresses of everyday life and to be able to spend time with other veterans. Often times I find myself stressed in need of a break, and The FEW provided me with a great opportunity. Thank you again for the awesome opportunity for myself and other veterans to decompress, and enjoy the great outdoors.”

SSGT Chase Denton

“Thanks to The FEW, I got to be apart of the white water rafting trip recently in North Carolina.  Gonna start by saying I had a blast! It was nice meeting other veterans and hearing their stories. It was a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to more.”

Carson Thomas

“Had an absolutely amazing time during the rafting trip with The FEW in Asheville, NC.  I knew some of the people attending this event, the guys I did not know were really cool guys. Everyone was very friendly, honestly it was really cool to get away from the grind and hang out with a bunch of fellow veterans for the day. It felt like the brotherhood I had back in the Corps! I want to thank The FEW for providing an outstanding trip! From planning to execution everything was solid. I would definitely love to attend future events, thanks again!” Joshua Blong

“The FEW! I took a day fishing trip out of Morehead City, NC on the Crickett II. That’s the boat from “JAWS”, what a piece of history. This boat has multiple world record shark catches. Captain Joe is a superior captain, and hoot to be around.
I enjoyed the day with three other warriors, Denis, Eric, and Bill (NC FEW rep) what a group of guys. We shared stories of our deployments, misfortunes, sacrifices, and our future plans. It’s amazing how 4 strangers who all served in multiple conflicts can bond in a short period of time while trolling around For fish.
As a result of this trip we exchanged some information and are going to try and work together and provide some hunting opportunities for other exceptional warriors through a couple hunt clubs I belong to.

I had a great time and appreciate the opportunity to participate in this event on this historic boat!!!”

Sgt Maj John Sackett

“Thanks to your organization for the awesome country music concert last night. We had a blast. It’s nice to see this organization who is made up of veterans reach out and help support the rest of us. I also couldn’t thank Tyson Foods enough for the awesome invite and of course dinner and the concert which we got to meet and greet the singers. And Don Walker western wear for the amazing cowboy hat. I can’t wait to take part in more activities. God bless you all.”  

Billy Mullinax

“The FEW provides a gateway for many other organizations supporting those who need help.
For many of us veterans, we have a hard time adjusting to the civilian corporate world. Of no surprise many of us vets find ourselves unemployed. Unemployment along with battle wounds sometimes lead to additional depression, anxiety and stress. Many of us then want to deal with the issues at hand and simply can’t, so we turn to life controlling addictions such as porn, drugs and drinking which then take a greater toll on our physical bodies, relationships and above all our self esteem leading to hopelessness and suicide. I want to encourage those FEW that may find yourself in such situation to please reach out. The FEW can serve as a stepping stone to get you on a path to recovery. Our outdoor therapy in our events are simply a great begging.
The good fight ministries is something that i got involved with as a participant initially, and now as a contributor. To no surprise a huge number of participants are my fellow veterans that share the same familiar story as you and i do and thats why i am sharing this with you. The founder is a navy veteran with an amazing story!
If you have any questions please contact me at 405-761-2771. My goal is to lend a hand to those who want to find healing.
Additionally, I help those needing assistance with job searching, resume writing, and interview skills. If you want me to review your profile/resume, please send me a copy to molina.aviation@gmail.com.
Why? Because I care.”  

Omar Molina

“A list of disadvantages to long too mention, A list of pain and suffering; days, weeks months of being depressed and isolated, memories I wished I would have never created. The numerous classifications given by medical professionals, therapy here, and medications for there…In all it has never crossed my mind and asked myself if it was all worth it. Was it worth volunteering and serving this country while looking for way to better myself and provide for my family. I knew the risks involved and the sacrifices that had to be made, yet I never asked myself “ is it worth it?” I just did it!
Being injured and having gone through several surgeries has been a humbling experience. It has been a battle not of physical strength and stamina but a battle of the mind and spirit. A heart of a warrior, but what good is a warrior when fighting alone? It created anger, discouragement and feelings of not being appreciated. Some of my closest friends and family members will never understand; some too selfish to want to try to understand. Others, well it was easier to just discredit me, judge me or push me aside. Truth is I didn’t want recognition, pity or attention. What I wanted was compassion, appreciation for the freedom given to us in this country and acceptance of grace. Some will never know just how good we have it here in this country; some will never know what it is to sacrifice the comforts of having a warm cooked meal every night, a bathroom within the same roof and a family to come home to every night—and that’s OK.
Taking part of several of The FEW’s events has allowed me to connect with those who are hurting in similar ways as I. It allowed us to get into the supernatural battle field while in community. I was able to serve God with my gifts by serving others, I found healing through healing others. Best of all I was able to introduce the HEALER to those searching for healing. You see, drugs, alcohol and other life controlling habits did not fill that void or emptiness inside of me. I had self-destructed several times and attempted suicide that it actually became the norm for me. I had become great at hiding my pain from most people but not all.
I was invited to the Dove hunt by a friend that saw my pain….and there a new chapter of healing began. When it was all over, I asked myself, why hadn’t I done this sooner? Why didn’t I ask for help from my comrades who probably understood better than I trying to understand it all on my own or with people who did not have a clue. So know I ask myself, was it worth it? Amen! It is absolutely worth putting down my pride and asking for help. It was absolutely worth me seeing that there are other brothers hurting just like I am seeking healing. The FEW experience to me opened up a new world of opportunities and mustering of motivation—a fight with a different purpose.

During the first day at the dove hunt we connected thru some really cool events, food and other ice breakers. At night, after a few war stories, it created an environment for the supernatural to open up—super natural as in us opening up to others because otherwise in our natural state of mind we wouldn’t do it. While I was in my rack talking about ourselves (my favorite topic) our conversation shifted from talking about us into the bible, HIM the almighty. There were about 5 of us engaged at first, then 3 other men walked in and to their surprise they realized that they had been talking about God and the bible also. Coincidence? I think of more like being divine intervention. Before too long there were several of us men opening up almost as if we were in some type of group therapy speaking about forgiveness, grace, love and being reborn into a new creation. By the next day we had created such a bond that the fruits of peace, joy and harmony were just incredible. It created memories that I want to keep reliving and asking for more, and I have The FEW and the countless nameless people and organizations making donations to thank for these long lasting memories.”

An Event Attendee

“This was our first involvement with hosting an event with the FEW. I just want to express my complete appreciation for your team members (staff) for their help with this annual hunt. My sons Chis, Matt, Dave and myself were totally taken by these warriors. They were helpful, inviting and engaged with our hunting group numbering 14. We entertained 4 warriors plus camera crew, Chris Wolfenbarger and Randy Dukes. Chris fed the entire group Friday night with BBQ, potato salad, chili and baked beans. The group combined 23 people with food still left over……..what a spread! Tom Modin showed up and I was introduced to him through Chris Wolfenbarger. Moments later Chis stopped everything to present me with a hand carved Mallard drake that Tom had carved. Brother was I floored!!!!!!!! I was so humbled to have received it and its has a special placed at my home, I just wanted to help these guys and you ended up helping me!!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t looking for any recognition.

………..I just wanted to help these people that have given so much to their country with service and sacrifice. I want to make this an annual event with the FEW if authorized. Again, thank you to all that your staff did to help this event have a successful start and end. Couldn’t have done it without you! JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!” 

Drew Mitsdarffer

A friend and I had the pleasure of hunting teal ducks with Steve Broussard on his land in Sulphur LA. Upon meeting up with Steve, his wife, and friends, we immediately felt right at home. It was the first time we had hunted with Mr. Broussard, and the first time any of us had hunted teal ducks of these numbers. Mr. Broussard and his team did everything to facilitate our complete experience with an emphasis on attention to details. There was no shortage of Southern hospitality and a sincere concern for our well being and enjoyment. It was clear they put in the time scouting the area; that trip marks the only time we have ever shot limit while duck hunting. Mr. Broussard  provided us a guided tour, showing us our first wild alligator as well as indigenous plant life.  Mr. Broussard is an American with a true concern for veterans, their families and their overall well being. We would like to thank Mr. Broussard, his family, and team for the opportunity given to us. It was a time enjoyed by all and will be long remembered.”

Steve and Tomas

“First off, I want to say how thankful I am to have had this opportunity. I came to Missouri to visit my old team leader Paul Schmitz, we were sitting around when the phone call came in to see if we wanted to go on the hunt. We both decided that this would be a chance of a lifetime and jumped on it. I have been a part of many veterans’ organizations but none have impressed me as much as the way we were treated by The FEW. This was my first time ever going on a hunt, and being able to go with other veterans and a team leader made it even more special for me. I was really impressed with how fast relationships and bonds were made with a group of people that have never meet each other, if someone from outside came to observe the group they would have thought we had known each other for years. I look forward to staying in touch and working with The Few.”

Kevin McFadden

“I would like to thank the few for a trip of a life time. This was my second hunt with The FEW and each time it is more helpful with my PTSD and my depression than the VA or any other facility. I only will go with The FEW because of the camaraderie and person relationships between The FEW. This last hunt in Florida from the 24th to the 27th was one of the best times I have had. It was the first ground hunt I have been on in my life. The experience was amazing. Thanks for all that you do for the veterans wanting to try to get back to what most people say is normal.”

Ret SSG Paul T Schmitz