Once again The FEW converge at Rocklahoma

The FEW at RocklahomaComing from as far away as Maryland and Minnesota, 12 Exceptional Warriors converged in Oklahoma for the huge week long concert called Rocklahoma. The warriors stayed on site. While these Heroes enjoyed all of Rocklahoma’s trademark craziness, they also took it upon themselves to raise awareness and funds for The FEW’s mission.

The FEW’s founder, Ronny Sweger, joined the Team for 6 days and said this, “With over 60,000 people coming over the week it can get a little crazy but our Team of Exceptional Warriors proved to be Master’s of chaos. They seemed to be everywhere, always engaged furthering the mission and all while having a good time. I can’t thank the Heroes enough!”

Ronny went on to praise Rocklahoma and their staff, “Dealing with that many people alone could be maddening, but they were also holding around 10 concerts a day and camping logistics for thousands, Rocklahoma and their crew did an amazing job and everyone had an exceptional time. I can’t thank Rocklahoma enough for allowing The FEW and our Exceptional Warriors to be part of this spectacular event. We can’t wait until next year!”

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