The Turkey Hunt in Alabama with The FEW may have come up short on hens but not on camaraderie.

poster of a TurkeyThe FEW held a great event in remote part of Alabama April 8th to 11th. Exceptional Warriors and Patriots come together from several states for four days to chase turkeys.

We were hosted in an exceptional cabin and had over 1300 acres to hunt.

The weather was great and the food was incredible, special thanks to Mike R. and Matt and Tyson Foods.

Awesome guides assisted the Warriors and thought they did a great job the thunder chickens were henned up tight. Still, a grand time was had by all.

A special thanks: This event was spearheaded and guided by a retired Green Beret named Mike C. This is the third event for The FEW led by him. Mike C. went above and beyond during his service and continues still today to support his Brother Exceptional Warriors. Thank you for your service both now and then!