The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors is a national organization, launched in 2012, that uses adventure to unite peers, promote healing and inspire change. We are a unique organization founded by like Veterans – to serve the underserved – devoted to restoring the lives of our Exceptional Warriors and their families.

Another major difference between us and other foundations is that we will work with local communities, businesses, and other organizations to directly enhance a Veteran’s quality of life.

The FEW recognizes, seeks out, and serves the Valorous; wounded or not. Their selfless acts of valor should be celebrated, and they should receive Exceptional support. The FEW exists to Honor these men and women.

Suicide rates among veterans is reported by the VA at 22 each day and continues to increase.  A post deployment risk factor is not having the camaraderie of the brotherhood; being thrown back into “normal” life with daily struggles and demands, but now with triggers and those around having the same expectations pre-deployment and naive misunderstanding of consequential newly developed coping behaviors. The FEW understands that coming together around a campfire cannot be underestimated—no judgements—no pre-conceived expectations—and is a huge necessity for our Exceptional Warriors.

George Washington once said,

“A nation is judged by how well it treats its Veterans.”